Bedside Habit



Just posted a reference to Habits.  One of which is to read more. I think  I have this one well established though I hassle myself about reading more,  I have a gluttonous approach to books. But a habit I could develop, which I don’t currently practice, would be to read before I fall asleep.  Once my body stretches onto the mattress and my head sinks into the pillow I have little difficulty in slipping into sleep. Reading may require more of my conscious attention than I am able to give it.

Nevertheless, I can identify small but complete readings, essays, poetry, short stories, which I predict I can fit in. The first book of essays I have picked for this habit-forming is “This will make you smarter” edited by John Brockman, a collection of essays on responses to the question “What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit?”.  [A very close second was “Arguably” by Christopher Hitchens which I may go on to if I am successful.]

The structure leads nicely to a sort of meditation on the world which, I think, will stimulate me into responding.